Google Checkout & Docs

This week I set up an online “Box Office” for the Nazareth Center for the Arts.  To manage online sales of show tickets, I used Google Checkout & Google Docs.

I have to admit, this was one of the easiest things I’ve done online.  I set this up and created and went live with a new web page in less than one hour total time.

Google has a very easy to follow manual on how to get started (available here).  I never even got past the “store gadget creation wizard“, since the wizard walked me through everything I had to do.

First, I activated Google Checkout using the Center’s Gmail account.

Google has a template that you add to your Google Docs account.  You then remove Google’s copy and replace with your own.  The good thing is you indicate the amount of inventory you have.  For the Arts Center, this allows us to sell a specific number of seats per show.

Then you share your Doc with Google Checkout.

And finally, you copy the html that is generated into your web page.  Using Concrete 5 as the CMS for the Center, I simply edited a page, added a new block, and pasted the HTML.

Done and done.

The only other part I need to do is add the Center’s checking account information so the money is routed to it.

Visit the Center’s Online Box Office to see the end result.


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