Interact – My Social Media Workbook

The social media and real-time online conversation chatter is at a fever pitch.

While there are many individuals who have been using social media and many experts on social media, I didn’t see where there was fundamentals coaching for business professionals.

As a result I put together a social media coaching program targeted for business professionals that I call “Interact”.  It is designed to assist individuals in developing an online presence consistent with one’s professional goals.

To conduct the coaching I am in the process of developing a workbook.  The workbook is in three parts.  The first part is all about planning.  The second part is doing.  The third part recommends tips and tricks as well as training on a variety of tools to help a user monitor and manage their on-going online activity.

The workbook takes a fundamental, step-by-step approach.  It helps the user make sense of the myriad of sites, tools, and theories out there to get them online in a manageable manner.

Supplementing the workbook with Coaching, a user can take their activity and understanding to another level, and have a resource to go to when they are asked about a new site or service.

I’ve worked through the first part in draft form with a client and am now about 50% finished with the second part.

This has been a great exercise, because it has taught me to refocus some of my efforts and tighten up my own online activity.   It has also gotten me to explore best practices and read extensively on how others are using these services.

I’m looking forward to finishing the first draft, soliciting some feedback, and getting it published.


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