Social Media Management

The read write web and rise of social networks has resulted in a serious management issue for many users, myself included.

Products and tools are now being launched to help users pull all their social networks into a single space or post to them all in the blast of a single email.

Last week I signed on for Posterous.  I’ve been using it to make all posts to my NewsOverCoffee placeblog.  Previously, I posted through Blogger, then had to put a link on the Facebook fan page and a Tweet through Twitter.  I had stopped tagging them in Delicious.  Now one email updates each site.  Very convenient and it ups the number of communications I have through each.

Now I need to begin using it in a more advanced manner to separate NewsOverCoffee from posts I make to this site and The Nunamaker Group site.

Streamy I found two days ago.  It aggregates and links through to your social network sites.  Now I can go to one location and view my Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and other sites without going from site to site.

I haven’t used it enough to decide if it is a good desktop alternative or if it is simply easier to have four tabs open.

FriendFeed has been around for a while, and I have some groups I’ve joined to get news and info on topics of interest, but haven’t used it to follow my own online activity.

What these sites demonstrate is that our social web is evolving.  This evolution is pulling together networks in third party apps, and as it does our overall online experience will change with it.

Huge implications, one of which is in regard to monetizing these sites.   Traditional advertising won’t work – I don’t see sidebar ads from Facebook through Streamy.


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