I tested Posterous the other day as a tool to make multiple posts with a single email.

It worked in its base form and now when I send an email to it is published to Blogger, Twitter, Delicious, and Facebook.

I did have a few challenges.  I had created the account under my name, “Nunamaker” and added a second account for “NewsOverCoffee”.  I couldn’t, however, get the email to split neatly between the two identities.  Further, I was afraid if I tried opening a second account, I’d lose the “NewsOverCoffee” name, so I left it as is and am posting NewsOverCoffee material to the nunamaker.posterous page.  Not perfect, but it was a first try working with the site.

What disappointed me was the inability to post to LinkedIn.  This was not the fault of Posterous, but instead LinkedIn’s decision not to share code (as I understood it from the email response I got from Posterous).

The tool is handy and I’ve been using it all week to make posts for my community site.  Will keep working the email addresses to see if I can get it more customized.


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