What I’m Learning on the Climb

Each July I get hooked watching the Tour de France on Vs.  Normally, I watch the last hour of the evening rebroadcast (about 10-11p.m. EST), but when they hit the mountain stages, I try to watch as much as possible.  The mountain climbs are gruelling and differentiate the teams and riders like no other element of the race.

Seth Godin has a post “Winning on the Uphills“, which speaks to his learning how the downhill speed on a bike is limited, but the uphill is not. The post  relates to business and is well-timed with the Tour coming to its conclusion.

For me it was not only relatable, but personal.  In mid-May my position was eliminated.  My wife stays at home with our two children.  I had some well-timed advice from a friend – go out on your own.  So while I have been applying for jobs I’ve been working to establish my own contract and consulting services business.

Soul searching, creative thinking, networking, connecting, writing, learning, and engaging have been in over-drive as I’ve worked to make it up the hill.

What I’ve found:

  • I’m not alone
  • People like to talk (and chat, email, text, etc)
  • People appreciate a helping hand
  • There are a lot of ideas out there
  • People like to make money together

You don’t get to the top by breaking away early, you need to identify the riders you trust and can work with, then together you can break away from the pack when the time is right.

Thanks to Seth for the great post – and congrats to Lance Armstrong, who won’t win this year, but showed his remarkable ability and moreover determination to make the climb up the hill at the front of the pack.


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