Crazy Busy = Good

Oftentimes in the summer things tend to slow down, but this week was the polar opposite.

This morning I took some time to catch up on reading and shared a number of articles of interest on Google Reader (available below if you are reading from the web site or here if on the the blog).

Among other things, I developed a marketing and fundraising plan for a political campaign, finalized creative design for marketing materials for an aspiring race car driver, made some in-roads toward 2010 sponsorship for him, and developed a new service from Nunamaker Interactive:  Interact > Corporate Online Identity Coaching.

I’ve personally been working in new media so long (learn more about my background here and here) I often forget many people are only now beginning to dip their toe and there is so much out there it overwhelms them, but they know they need to understand it and engage in it at some level.

I had a great conversation about the program with a potential client this week and it supported this notion.  I’m pretty certain we will be working together soon and I can’t wait for the opportunity to develop a plan for him.

To learn more about the program visit the web page, send me an email ( or give me a call:  484-809-4872.


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