Facebook Fans and Search

The attempt to get 1000 fans in three days for an all new page on Facebook for my web site, http://www.newsovercoffee.com, came up a bit short.

I now have 52.

At the same time, my personal page, set up the same day, now has 119 friends with more being added all the time.

I thought it would be interesting to see if there is an impact on search results.

First, I Googled my name and there were 10,400 results – here is the first page:

  1. LinkedIn
  2. Blogger page for NewsOverCoffee
  3. About page from original NewsOverCoffee site
  4. Twitter NewsOverCoffee Account
  5. Internet Archive – for an audiocast
  6. Odesk, (set up on June 3)
  7. Zoominfo
  8. FriendFeed
  9. Blogger profile
  10. Whitepages.com
  11. Google.com profiles

On page 5 I showed up on someone else’s Facebook, but my own didn’t render.

Then I tried the web site name to see if the fan page appeared. There were 2290 results:

  1. Blogger page for NewsOverCoffee
  2. Upcoming profile of NewsOverCoffee
  3. Twitter for NewsOverCoffee
  4. Blogger profile
  5. Ingredients Blog
  6. Nazareth Market – NewsOverCoffee page
  7. Lehigh Valley Ramblings – post with NOC in title
  8. Hartsville Today – wrote article on artice NOC
  9. NOC HighTest – no longer updated
  10. Bloguniverse listing

On page 4, I appeared on the same other person’s facebook page.

Guess what?  The one person who appeared in those searches changed their URL to http://www.facebook.com/yourname

My account was ineligible because I set it up June 10 and cut-off was June 9.  The site said it would allow everyone to do this on the 14th, but I’ve not yet been able to do it.

I’d imagine these will soon be ranking with LinkedIn, which some people should consider before making the switch as it will become found more often and faster in business situations.


One response to “Facebook Fans and Search

  1. This morning (June 30) when I logged in to Facebook it asked me to set a username, which I immediately did.

    Next week I’ll run the searches and see how the rankings are impacted.

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