Managing Multiple Identities

Clarifying your identities is critical to successful marketing and networking.

I like using inventories.  Consider all the social sites you participate in.  What username, email, avatar, or other identifying elements do you use for each one?  Can you pick color schemes?  Are they consistent?  Create a grid with questions in rows and social sites in columns and record the answers.

As outlined in Online Identity Management Crisis, I’ve grouped my online personalities by my placeblog (NewsOverCoffee – NOC) and my consulting (Nunamaker Interactive – NI).  

In looking at all the places I have accounts and considering which would have social elements, I realized there were a few more social sites I particpiated in on a personal basis (such as

Since I’m not focusing on a personal identity, I made certain these sites were not clearly relatable to NOC or NI.

Back to the inventory.  I found a few social sites are good for both identies and can cross-over without negatively impacting either brand or personality.  These are LinkedIn, FriendFeed, and Squidoo.

NOC is a placeblog, so the critical element of the identity is that it is not about me, but instead about the community. 

I have a NewsOverCoffee account on Twitter and a feed to the sidebar of the home page so I can interact with people and update on the go.  I have a Delicious account (in the early days I added every post to the account and the early archive resides there.  And I use Goodreads for my bookclub.

Each of these is named NewsOverCoffee or NOC and as much as I can make them look and feel the same I do.

NI came second, so I had to be careful in structuring its related sites and instead of sharing with NOC, I decided if needed I’d create a second account.   I also decided to manage NI’s social sites with in order to keep messages consistent and my time efficient.


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